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This blog is just a simple and humble blog where I document anything related to Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central consultancy. I hope that reading this blog will be as useful for you as writing it was for me.

Page OnLookup Trigger

There are multiple ways in BC to create a Lookup button for a variable in a page or report. Generally speaking, I have seen three following methods being done to achieve the lookup button. 1. Using Table Relation This is the method that works best. The validation is triggered and you also get the native … Continue reading Page OnLookup Trigger

Get Client Type in AL

If you want to know, if a user accessing BC from a device, desktop, or API, you can use the Client Type. Let’s say for an example, you want to limit user modifying from from tablet or phone, you can use CurrentClientType method.

Docker Desktop Failed to Initialize

After updating the Docker Desktop to the latest version successfully, the docker was acting up and refused to start up. To fix this issue, try to delete below folders. %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Docker%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Docker%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Docker Desktop Once deleted, you should be able to start Docker Desktop as normal. If the docker is stuck at starting, run below two commands in … Continue reading Docker Desktop Failed to Initialize

Add Total Page Number to Report

To add total page number into RDLC report, you can use =Globals!TotalPages on the textbox. If you want to reset the Total Page, for example when you print a new Document No., you can set the ResetPageNumber to True under the PageBreak properties.

Get Started CheckList

When you updated your Business Central to 18.1, as part of “Onboarding Experience”, you will now get this “Get Started Checklist” showing up for all users in every company. Every user with Business Manager role center can see the checklist and goes through the steps which can cause issue on the existing configurations. You can … Continue reading Get Started CheckList

Dampener Quantity

On the Item Card, there is a field called Dampener Quantity. What is that field and how to use it ? Microsoft Help describes it as a field to block insignificant change suggestions for an existing supply, if the change quantity is lower than the dampener quantity. The Dampener Quantity is used in relation to … Continue reading Dampener Quantity


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