Looping Through Enum

Sometimes you may need to loop through Enum. To do this, you can use List Data Type.

local procedure EnumLoop()
    MyEnum: Enum "My Enum";
    EnumIndex: List of [Integer];
    iMax, iLoop : Integer;
    EnumIndex := ScanSource.Ordinals();
    iMax := EnumIndex.Count();

    If iMax <= 0 then
    iLoop := 1;
    repeat //loop here
      MyEnum := EnumIndex.Get(iLoop);
      iLoop += 1;
    until iLoop > iMax;

Edit: A few people asking why I use repeat until in here. The snippet code above is the result after multiple experiments of trying to find a way to loop through enum. The repeat until was just a “remnant” from previous attempt. It was not designed to be the best code, it was just to share one way to loop through enum. Unfortunately, not many people see it that way.

Anyway, to simplify the code, use code below.

local procedure EnumLoop()
    currEnum: Enum "My Enum";
    currOrdinal : Integer;
    foreach currOrdinal in Enum::"My Enum".Ordinals() do begin
       currEnum := Enum::"My Enum".FromInteger(currOrdinal);
       //do something here

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